Introducing Magpie Tech

Introducing Magpie Tech


Hello, world! We are the Magpie Tech Team.

We are here to accomplish our mission to revolutionize the tool industry!

The name Magpie Tech originates from the magpie bird, symbolizing luck in many cultures. As per the traditions of numerous Asian countries, it is believed that encountering a magpie bird heralds a lucky day.

We wish nothing but the best for all who have come across this post. Let us be your lucky charm!

Construction and building sites, woodworking workshops, and DIYers' garages all necessitate safety and accuracy. Regardless of what you're building, accurate measurements are crucial. This is why Magpie Tech began with Laser Measurement Tool, not a tape measurer. Our optimal goal is for all workers to operate safely, while remaining precise and efficient.


Has the Magpie Team achieved their goal?

In 2017, Magpie Tech launched the VH-80, the world's first dual-laser distance measurer, on Kickstarter. We'll never forget our very first backer. We concluded our funding successfully, garnering over $1,200,000 in support. It was a grand beginning for Magpie Tech, propelling us toward our goal of supporting the global workforce.

Magpie Tech was officially established in 2018. By 2019, we managed to build our own factory dedicated solely to Magpie Tech products. This wouldn't have been possible without the backers from our first crowdfunding campaign.

In 2020, we officially launched our VH-80. This product's success allowed us to become a seller on one of the world's largest platforms, Amazon. Thanks to all the support and hard work, we delivered over 20,000 VH-80s worldwide. But this wasn't enough for us: we have more ideas to develop and innovations to reveal to the world.

In 2021, we launched our M-30+, a compact laser distance measurement tool. The VH-80 had already proved successful among professionals, but we wanted to make more people to experience this convenient laser measure. This ambition led to the launch of the M-30+. As we hoped, more customers got to experience this user-friendly, accurate tool. The same year, we successfully introduced the M-30+ on Amazon.

Becoming the world's best laser distance meter company is our ultimate goal. We took a giant leap toward that in 2022 when the VH-80 made it to the Top 10 Laser Distance Meter products and Magpie Tech became one of the Top 3 Laser Distance Meter brands on Amazon.

We cannot express enough gratitude to our supporters and customers, as none of our achievements would have been possible without them. With your support, we successfully initiated a new Kickstarter campaign for the VH-80A, our newest high-end dual-laser measuring tool with auto-calibration mode. As 2023 unfurls, we're ready for new adventures: we're committed to delivering the best tool ever to our backers on schedule. Magpie Tech will continue to strive relentlessly toward perfection.

In this journey, we're keen to establish strong communication with our supporters and subscribers. Our highest priority is to understand and meet our customers' needs through continuous, robust communication. Especially because we haven't had many opportunities to introduce ourselves and explain what Magpie Tech is.

We have so much to share with you. Using our top-notch technology, we'll continue our dialogue with customers, aiming to bring them the best luck—just like a “Magpie”!