Magpie VH-80: Pythagoras Mode and Continuous Mode

Magpie VH-80: Pythagoras Mode and Continuous Mode

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Magpie Tech has embarked on a mission to enhance the working environment for individuals laboring in demanding workplaces, including construction sites and woodworking studios. These settings, brimming with potentially hazardous tools, demand constant vigilance. Magpie’s laser distance measurer dramatically reduces the time it takes to measure, and thanks to its dual-laser technology, users can obtain precise measurements without unnecessary movement around their workspace.

Many of you might recognize that a dual distance meter can elevate work efficiency. But the real question lies in how this tool can drastically boost productivity and accuracy.


Introducing VH-80

The VH-80, Magpie’s flagship bilateral distance meter, holds the distinction of being the world's first dual-laser distance meter. What began as a crowdfunded endeavor has now risen to the ranks of the most coveted laser measurers on the market.

In the intricate realms of construction, interior design, and woodworking, a project's success often hinges on the precision of measurements. The VH-80 stands out as an invaluable tool for professionals prioritizing accuracy without sidelining safety. This article will shine a spotlight on two of its standout features: the Pythagoras Mode and the Continuous Mode.


Pythagoras Mode

Commonly referred to as the Indirect Measuring Mode, the VH-80's Pythagoras Mode grants users the capability to measure distances from a fixed point. This feature is a boon when direct access to a measuring spot is either risky or outright infeasible. Drawing from the age-old Pythagoras principle, VH-80 guarantees that each measurement is both precise and reliable. No longer do professionals need to jeopardize their safety by climbing unstable ladders or venturing into unsafe areas.

For optimal results, it's crucial that the initial measurement is taken on a horizontal plane. The starting point of the laser should align vertically with the second laser's endpoint.


Continuous Mode

The VH-80's Continuous Mode is a shining testament to its unwavering dedication to perfection. This mode is meticulously designed to furnish users with unparalleled accuracy through steady, seamless measurements. Be it for detailed woodworking or pinpointing the exact position on a busy construction site, this mode stands as an indispensable asset. Through the Continuous Mode, users can frequently achieve elevated and more precise values, ensuring their work's results are flawless.

Wondering about the fate of these numerous measurements? The VH-80 thoughtfully archives the last nine values, offering users a swift review when needed. If there's ever a need to pause the ongoing measurement, a simple press of the off button or a subsequent tap on the measure button suffices.


The VH-80 transcends its identity as a mere tool—it embodies a professional's unwavering pursuit of perfection. For enthusiasts who never compromise on accuracy, the VH-80 extends the flexibility to switch settings from bidirectional to unidirectional, ensuring absolute precision in every measurement. With its unparalleled accuracy, staunch commitment to safety, and unmatched convenience, the VH-80 sets a new benchmark in measurement standards. Step into a realm where measurements aren't mere digits but exemplify utmost precision with VH-80.